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  Myanmar’s Government has recently joined the cause in dealing with environmental issues. One such policy that has been implemented in December 2017, is a directive released by the Department of Hotel and Tourism in Mandalay for all hotels in the Bagan-Nyaung U region to install water purification systems and wastewater treatment facilities as soon as possible or face the cancellation of their licenses. This new directive is surely to increase the demand for improved water treatment systems by leaps and bounds.  
Regional officials have started undertaking actions to make more environment-friendly regulations, in order to balance the impact on the environment, as a result of Myanmar’s flourishing tourism industry. Furthermore, reputed environmentalists and industry professionals have called on the Government to enforce the regulations even more strictly. The enforcement of the directive is set to increase business opportunities for the water & wastewater treatment industry.

Designated as a platform to bring these opportunities into the country, MYANWATER 2018 – Myanmar Myanmar’s No.1 International Water Supply & Treatment Industry Show will be held at the MEP Mindama, Yangon from 29 November to the 1st of December 2018.This business-to-business event will provide companies an avenue to source for new supplies, gain insights and learn about the upcoming trends directly from reputed experts, alongside making and maintain relationships with key clients.

Over 250 local and international brands from 18 countries such as China, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and India are expected to be at MYANWATER 2018. This Expo is a one-stop destination where companies and brands are able to exhibit a wide range of products, services and solutions, that will help to satisfy Myanmar’s growing need for accessible water and develop the country’s water works.

Booths are now open for booking! Contact Ms. May at may@ambtarsus.com or Mr. Darren at Darren@ambtarsus.com to secure your location at MYANWATER 2018 today.
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