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    MYANWATER’17 – Myanmar’s No.1 International Water Supply & Treatment Industry Exhibitionis all set to be among the first events to be held at the brand new MEP MINDAMA EXHIBITION CENTRE from 23 to 25 November 2017.

MEP Mindama is the largest and most modern venue for staging international exhibitions in Myanmar. The site features over 55,000 square feet of combined exhibition space, conference space and meeting rooms, as well as ample parking facilities within and around the exhibition compound.

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    Established since 2013,the MYANWATER Expo has been recognised by the industry as Myanmar’s biggest and most important international exhibition for its water industry. Thisyear’s eventis expected to set new records, with thousands of VIPs, visitors, delegates and participants as well as hundreds international companies expected to attend the event.

In addition, the Myanmar Electrical & Water Engineering Congress will be held concurrently with the MYANWATER’17 Expo and the co-located MYANENERGY’17 Expo.The two-day congress is expected to host over 300 engineers from both the public and private sectors, and will feature presentations on ways to improve the efficiency of Myanmar’s water supply and treatment as well as its electrical systems and power transmission.

MYANWATER’17 is organised by AMB Tarsus Events Group, the region’s leading trade show organiser, which also holds over 30 trade exhibitions across Southeast Asia's emerging markets in Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. The company is the organiser for other regional building exhibitions including LAOWATER, CAMWATER and LANKAWATER.

With limited booths remaining, don't miss your chance to be part of Myanmar’s No.1 International Water Supply Industry Show. Submit the form below or contact Ms May (may@ambtarsus.com) or Mr Darren (darren@ambtarsus.com) to reserve a booth today!



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